Miss Vita Bohem...

A dark corner of the web where I hide all my photographs.

This started as a blog for m photography and pjotographs of me. It is now very much NSFW. I post ALOT of porn so please do not follow if this is not your thing.

In terms of personal uploads, some are by me, some are of me, some are both. Some of them are naughty, some aren't. All are credited where possible. I model, and do neoburlesque, performance art and fetish performances. When I don't have shoots/shows on I tend to spam other people a bit and that's when the porn comes in.

Enjoy. Or not. Whatever.

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Gamera - The Good, the Bad and Godzilla
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The “Venus” dress from Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 1949 
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Archangel (1990)
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I made a fake Criterion cover for my favorite movie, In Bruges by Martin McDonagh.
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Bikini Kill scanned in from a local bay area fanzine called PUNK from the 90’s.
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From Dylan Dog # 3 “Le notti della luna piena”, by Sclavi and Montanari & Grassani.
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Marco Soldi
Dylan Dog